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Simply Mystery Fragrance Oil Box 5x100mL

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Hey there, candle connoisseurs and scent seekers!

Get ready to embark on an aromatic adventure like no other with our Simply Mystery Fragrance Oil Box! 

Inside, you'll find five 100ml bottles of pure scent magic, each holding a mystery fragrance waiting to be discovered. It's like a surprise party for your nose! ✨

From cozy comforts to exotic escapes, these fragrances are here to jazz up your candle-making game and add a dash of excitement to your crafting routine. Plus, they're perfect for adding a little pizzazz to your soaps and bath goodies too! 🛁💫

So why wait? Dive into the mystery, unleash your inner scent sleuth, and let the good times (and great aromas) roll with our Simply Mystery Fragrance Oil Box. Trust us, your nose will thank you! 😉

Customer Reviews

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Kay Gilmer

Very happy with selection, only problem with wicks, the 75 m wicks were in fact 65's have been ordering the 75's for 4 years so I noticed the difference straight away it's not a great problem as I use the 65's as well hopefully I can get the 75's next order I will be putting an order for fragrance's next week thank you.