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Simply CocoSoy

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Simply Candle Supplies CocoSoy Wax  

Our beautiful Simply 100% Soy Wax blended with 100% coconut wax. Superior fragrance throw, beautiful tops, great adhesion. Fine and white at room temperature, yellowish clear liquid when heating to melt, no odour or impurity. Great for both containers and melts.

We introduced our own blend of CocoSoy because we wanted a natural, no additive CocoSoy wax. It is slightly harder than a pure soy wax making it more stable in wax melts. We ensured that perfect ratio of Coconut Wax to Soy Wax would attain beautiful results in candles and wax melts.


Simply CocoSoy Wax:

  • Flaked wax and easy to work with
  • Perfect Smooth Tops
  • Superior Fragrance Throw
  • Great Glass adhesion
  • Creamy White Finish
  • Natural All Soy Wax Blended with Natural Coconut Wax
  • No Nasty Chemicals or Additives


Melt Point:

42°C to 60°C. Do not heat to more than 85°C.

Fragrance Temp:

70°C to 80°C.   

Pour Temp:

40°C to 70°C

Flash Point: approx.


Fragrance Load:

6% -10%


8% is recommended.


Testing will always be required when working with new waxes.
To achieve best results, we recommend allowing your candle to cure for a minimum of 7 days before burning for optimal fragrance throw.
Always test in small batches before proceeding with large pours.
This will need trialling as environmental factors like room temperatures and humidity can affect optimal pouring temperature and fragrance loading.
This wax blends well with paraffin and has a lower melt point which helps with the burn and supports improved glass adhesion.