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Simply Candle Supplies are always happy to answer any candle making questions or questions about our products, wax, soap bases and more. We've put together a few frequently asked questions to help you.

Why aren't my fragrance oil bottles full?

For all our fragrances, we use larger sized bottles, 145ml bottles for 100ml fragrances, 560ml bottles for 500ml fragrances and 65ml bottles for the 50ml fragrances. This is because we have found during shipping sometimes the bottles can expand or contract so having larger bottles means that when you are opening them, they won't spill anywhere and you won't lose any fragrance you purchased.


My fragrances don't weigh 100g when I purchased 100ml.

All fragrances have different density to water, either lighter or heavier. Therefore the 100ml of fragrance could weigh more or less than 100g, depending on the fragrance. We use medical grade syringes to accurately measure out the fragrances to ensure you have received the correct millilitres you have ordered.


When will a certain fragrance be back in stock?

Our perfumer works around the clock to make our fragrances. We receive fragrance deliveries weekly. If a fragrance is currently out of stock, we do have it on order and shouldn't be too long until it is back in stock again. We can't guarantee exact dates as our perfumer makes the fragrances depending on the ingredients she has. If a fragrance has been out of stock for a little while, it might be because she is waiting on a particular ingredient for that fragrance which might be a little harder to get, especially for seasonal ingredients.


Why is my wick mushrooming?

This is a perfectly natural thing to happen with 100% cotton wicks. It could also happen if your wick is burning for too long or if your vessel is too large for the wick. If this does occur, just wait for the wick to completely cool down and pull off the cotton. Mushrooming can be expected when working with 100% cotton wicks.


Why is my candle tunnelling?

This usually means the wick you have in your vessel is too small. Making sure your wick is the correct size by measuring the diameter of your vessel and selecting the wick with the correct burning diameter. Also note, that if you have added colour to your candle, this could clog the wick up and cause tunnelling even if you have the correct size wick. Simply just choose the next wick size up and that should solve the problem.

If you are using a harder wax, like bees wax, you may also need to select the next wick size up. Testing is recommended.


Why does my soy wax have holes in it once it is set?

This occurs because there were air bubbles in your wax when it was setting. This can be caused by either pouring your wax too quickly, too much humidity in the air, pouring at a high temperature, the difference in temperature between the hot wax and the candle jar, or moving your container with the melted wax in it. If you have air bubbles in your wax, poke them with a tooth pick and use a heat gun to go over the top of the wax to reset it. 

Air bubbles and holes can occur when working with a 100% soy wax as it is pure and doesn't have preservatives or additives in it. While they can occur from time to time, they are easy to fix. 


How much fragrance should I use in my candles?

We recommend using between 6% - 8% fragrance loading with our Australian made fragrance oil and our 100% soy wax. Some waxes can take up to 10% fragrance loading. Testing is recommended. 


Are Phthalates bad in fragrances?

The specific Phthalate (Diethyl Phthalate, also called DEP) which is used in fragrance oils is safe in cosmetic products. A negative stigma around phthalates has developed from some specific phthalates which are not safe; however, those types are not used in our fragrances. Read this document to get a comprehensive understanding of the difference. 
Do we provide gift vouchers for purchase?

Yes! Visit this page to find different values of gift vouchers available for purchase for loved ones. Whether it be for a seasoned chandler or for someone that just wants to get started, they will be able to shop online or in-store with an original code/barcode provided in an email. Visit the product page to find out more.


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