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M55 - 100% Cotton Wicks

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100% cotton wicks, Chemical free. Ideal for Soy wax, Palm wax Paraffin wax and Bees wax candles..


After months of testing we have finally found what we believe is the best wick on the market. We have tested many other wicks already on the market and these far exceeded ones tested previously. The flames are excellent, no toxic fumes and the burn is constant.

Let no wick go to waste by purchasing our wick tabs and re-tabbing your off cuts.

Wick Information

Burn Diameter: 70-85mm

Length: 150mm

Tab Size: 12mm x 3.8mm x 2.4mm

Our wicks have been personally tested using our soy wax and burn diameters are only a guide. Simply candle supplies suggests your own testing as outside factors may alter the result.