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XL Regent - Matte Black

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The Extra Large Regent in Matte Black

A magnificent candle jar which is likely to impress.

More than one use: These modern glass jars can also be used for flower arrangements or food, bathroom and office storage jars. Be inspired to think creatively! 

Dimensions: 80mm (h) x 120mm (w)
Capacity: approx 600ml

Complete the Candle:

3 x Cotton Wick M35
3 x Wood Wick 15
2 x Cross Wood Wick
XL lids fit this jar
XL Candle Gift Boxes

Please note:
Wick recommendations as a guide and personal testing will be required to achieve desired results.
Colour may vary slightly from pictured.
Do not wash or put in the dishwasher. To clean, simply use a soft cloth to wipe.