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Timber Top Diffuser

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The Stylish Timber top Diffuser.

No more spillages (if used correctly) and no more reeds.

This Timber top diffuser is sure to be a pleaser.

Once your diffuser arrives you must insert the rod into the top and tap in to the lid completely using a small hammer or suitable tool.

Once inserted correctly and the lid securely fastened, there should be a small 0.5mm gap between the bottom of the dowel and the bottom of the diffuser bottle

Failure to do this may result in the cap becoming cross threaded therefore not sealing correctly, as the bamboo rod may catch the bottom of the jar.

If the bamboo dowel is not inserted fully the container may leak, or cause damage to the plastic in the lid or other items, as there is no other seal.

These diffusers are guaranteed only if used in conjunction with SCS Oils and SCS Premium Base oils.

Do not tip the diffuser upside down or shake once filled. The wood will not soak the fragrance up faster, it will only cause damage to the product. ALWAYS keep the diffuser in an upright position.

Simply add your diffuser fragrance, screw the cap and wait. The inner bamboo dowel will absorb the fragrance to the lid and slightly moisten the lid, allowing the fragrance to fill the room.

These diffusers have been tested using SCS diffuser Premium base ONLY.


If any other diffuser base is used? Testing is required as some diffuser base oils are corrosive and can damage the inner cap.

Due to the lid absorbing the fragrance, it will be come wet, but will not drip.

When posting these items it is advised to send the oil separately.

As with all diffusers these are to be placed on an even surface and not tipped.

Please allow approximately 7 days for the fragrance throw to be present as this is how long initially it will take the fragrance to reach the lid.


85mm dia x 92mm High approximate.

Capacity 200ml.

Once the fragrance has reached the lid.

Please do not allow the lid to come into contact with clothing furniture etc.

Do not remove the lid.

if the lid is removed wipe the plastic insert with a cloth until completely dry