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Eco Diffuser Base

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Crafted to the highest standards, this long-lasting diffuser base ensures excellent fragrance dispersion throughout your space. Follow the recommended ratios to unlock optimal results, allowing it to emit delightful scents for months on end.

Our Eco Diffuser Base is entirely phthalate-free & Non-DG. Non-DG signifies that these products or chemicals are not classified as hazardous goods for transportation, whether domestically or internationally.

Recommended Mixing Ratio:

- 70% - 80% Eco Diffuser Base

- 20% - 30% Fragrance Oil


To fill a 100ml diffuser bottle, simply combine 25ml of fragrance oil with 75ml of Eco diffuser base.

Please note that these ratios may vary depending on your preferences. Personal testing is recommended to achieve your desired scent intensity as individual results may differ.