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Small Candle Making Starter Kit

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Small Candle Making Starter Kit

The perfect candle making starter kit to begin making candles. Ideal a gift, for yourself or for keeping the kids entertained during the school holidays.

This candle making starter kit is perfect for the beginner candle maker. Using an easy to work with 100% soy wax which blends beautifully with the fragrance oils. Easy to follow candle making instructions which also includes terms commonly used so you can master the terminology of a master candle maker!

Regular Kit

1kg 100% soy wax, 4 x tea light cups, 2 x votives, 2 x M25 wicks, 4 x M25 Tealight wicks, 2 x warning labels, 2 x 30ml Australian made fragrance oils, 2 x  wooden wick holders, 6 x stickums, wax stirrer, instruction manual. 

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