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Small Ascot - Gloss Black

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Gloss Black
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The Ascot Small in Gloss Black

A stylish, modern jar which speaks of elegance while also simplicity. Creates captivating candles.

External dimensions: 71mm (w) x 78mm (h)
Internal dimensions: 65mm (w) x 73mm (h)
Capacity: approx. 180ml

Complete the Candle:
Cotton Wick M45
Wood Wick 15
Tube Wood Wick
Small lids fit this jar
Small Candle Gift Boxes

Please note:
Wick recommendations as a guide and personal testing will be required to achieve desired results.
Colour may vary slightly from pictured.
Do not wash or put in the dishwasher as paint may be removed. To clean, simply use a soft cloth to wipe. Any paint removed by washing or wiping with a damp cloth. The item will  NOT be replaced.