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Simply Gel Wax

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Simply Candle Supplies Gel Wax  

Clear, medium density gel wax. Best known for being completely clear, used for all sorts of candles - under-water aquarium scenes, beers, cocktails etc. With just a little bit of colour added, these candles remain transparent and take on the nature of the glass and embeds you choose.

Completely clear, melt to a maximum of 140°C - gel wax cannot be melted over water. Double saucepan set-up does not product enough heat, so great care must be taken when melting directly on the heat. Use as low a heat as possible stirring constantly and DO NOT leave unattended. Turn it off if you leave the area.

1 Kg of Gel wax will melt down to make approximately 1.25 Litres of liquid.

If your wax goes cloudy here are a few items which may have caused this.

All wicks used must be uncoated as paraffin wax and soy wax may cause reactions.

Fragrances with a high flashpoint should be used. Please check with your supplier before using fragrance.

All items used for decoration must be thoroughly cleaned before adding into the vessel.


Temperatures as a guide, testing will be required.

Heat Temp: Recommended.


Pour Temp: No less than


Fragrance Load: High flashpoint fragrances only

maximum 5%, testing is recommended

Density  medium - high 


As with all waxes, testing will be required to achieve desired results.
This wax sets extremely quickly so preparation is a necessity.
NB any embedded parts MUST be flame resistant - glass, stones, gems, shells. Test fragrance, embedded combinations prior to making large batches.
To clean simply peel off excess wax and wipe clean.