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Bamboo Lids - Small - Natural Varnished

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Bamboo Lids - Small - Natural Varnished

These beautiful bamboo lids will make any finished jar just that more elegant. Finished with a gloss varnish.


Outer Top Diameter: 72mm approx.
Inner Diameter: 57mm approx.
Depth: 17.5mm approx.

Fits Candle Jars:
Small Regent
Small Ascot
Harvard jars

Please note:
Natural wood grain effect & colour will vary slightly between different shipments due to the restricted manufacturing of the raw material.
Colour may vary slightly from pictured.
Do not wash or put in the dishwasher as paint may be removed. To clean, simply use a soft cloth to wipe. Any paint removed by washing or wiping with a damp cloth. The item will not be replaced.