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Foaming Bath Whip Base

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Foaming Bath Whip 1kg

Vegan Friendly.

SCS foaming bath whip base soap is Australian made using high quality Australian sourced ingredients. None of these ingredients or products are tested on animals. 

Designed for use as a whipped product and/or tube fills. The product is incredibly flexible. Customers who use this base can create simple whipped foaming bath butters, a sugar scrub, a body soufflé, or a salt scrub, all from one product base.

To work, simply use a hand held mixer and beat the Foaming Bath Butter in a bowl that can hold the total finished volume, follow the start of the whipping process by adding sugar/salt, fragrance (2% max loading) and/or essential oils (1% max loading)(other additives may also be used at this time) and continue whipping until the desired volume is achieved.

Alternatively you can heat to maximum of 60ºC whilst maintaining stirring, add colour, fragrance oil. Allow to cool to approx 53-55ºC while still stirring. Add any extras you would like, and stir while cooling to approx 52ºC. Fill your containers and/or pour into tubes, while the mix is between 47º and 52ºC to ensure the best results.
Allow to cool.

Note that this soap is not mouldable and will always stay soft and buttery, this scoopable, soft and moisturising soap base should be packed in tubes or tubs.

Foaming Bath Whip Detailed Instructions Here


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
Cocamido Propyl Betaine
Sodium Stearate
Sodium Chloride
Tetrasodium EDTA


Maximum 2% fragrance loading