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20L Wax Melter/Heater

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20L Wax Melter/Heater

This 20 Litre wax melter is a must for any chandelier. Great for when you are just starting out or experienced. Not only will it make the process of your candle making easier, it'll mean less waste.

The wax melter can hold up to 20L/18kg of wax, but it also perfect for your smaller batches, just ensure that the amount of wax you put in there is above the tap line. Designed so that you can keep your wax in the unit between uses.

The stainless steel ball valve tap for ease of use and no drips. A full set of Australian instructions is provided with each melter so that you can be sure you are using it safely and to the best of its ability. 

Ensure you always have wax in your unit prior to turning the element on to avoid dry boiling. Never tip the wax melter when in use and when there is melted wax in it. Temperature controlled, ± 10oC, all thermostatically controlled devices must be verified using a thermometer. 


Approx size. 340mm incl handles Diameter x 440mm with lid
Conforms to AU/NZS 3760 regulations.
1 Year Warranty.
Please ensure all instructions are followed.
Fitted with Australian Moulded Plug.