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100% Cotton Wicks - Sample Pack

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100% Cotton Wick Sample Pack

A clean burning, natural cotton wick with a thin coating of wax to enhance adhesion to the wax. These wicks will give a constant clean burn, with no toxic chemicals. They produce excellent flames. They will work effectively with soy wax, soy wax blends, bees wax, palm wax, paraffin wax.

Length: 150mm

Sample Pack Contains:
3 x M25 wicks - 35mm - 40mm Burning Diameter
3 x M35 wicks - 45mm - 60mm Burning Diameter
3 x M45 wicks - 60mm - 75mm Burning Diameter
3 x M55 wicks - 70mm - 85mm Burning Diameter
3 x M65 wicks - 80mm - 95mm Burning Diameter
3 x M75 wicks - 90mm - 105mm Burning Diameter

Please Note:
Our wicks have been personally tested using our soy wax and burn diameters are only a guide. Simply Candle Supplies suggests your own testing as outside factors may alter the result.