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Supreme Diffuser Base Oil

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The best diffuser base money can buy. See how amazing this base is, when mixed your favourite fragrance. Fill the room for months on end.


Recommended Mixing Ratio: Fragrance should be added to the diffuser base at a ratio of 20 to 30%.

This means for a mixing ratio of 20%, 1 litre requires 840ml of base would require 168mls of fragrance.

If mixed at 25%, every 1 litre requires 800ml of base would require 200mls of fragrance.

If mixed at 30%, every 1 litre requires 770ml of base would require 231mls of fragrance

Please note:

Personal testing must be completed to achieve optimal results.



Our supreme diffuser base oil is made from Glycol Ether DPM and is 100% phthalates free.